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Throughout history, nothing has killed more human beings than infectious disease. Covid-19 shows how vulnerable we remain


VAXINOL apply disinfectant solution using an electrostatic spray gun which covers 360° degrees of each item or area sprayed. 


 VAXINOL use a hospital grade disinfectant against the COVID-19 virus.

How we can help

Many clients tell us what they want from a decontamination clean. VAXINOL is here
to help.

Disinfect  +  Sanitise  +  Protect

COVID-19 Deep Clean

If you are worried that your premises may have been contaminated by coronavirus, about safely opening up again after the current lockdown, and keeping your staff and customers safe, you may require a COVID-19 (SARS‑CoV‑2) deep clean.

Hot Spots

We pay special attention to high touch surfaces, which include:

  • Desks, Tables, Countertops

  • Doorknobs, Light switches, Handles

  • Phones, Keyboards, Mice

  • Toilets, Taps, Sinks, etc.


VAXINOL tackle your hot spots with a new clean label technology solution called CITROX PROTECT, which kills 99.99% of all known viruses and bacteria and lasts for up to 6 months.

Citrox Protect

New from Citrox Biosciences, Citrox Protect is a natural, eco-safe, solution that provides a 3D microbiota barrier designed to protect non-porous surfaces from cross-infection. Simply spray and wipe the product onto your chosen surface to effectively combat contaminants.

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