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Carpet Cleaning Services

At VAXINOL, we offer a competitively priced carpet and upholstery cleaning service to both domestic and commercial customers across Manchester, Merseyside, and Cheshire.

We pride ourselves in offering a first-class service and always put you, the customer, first.


Accidents can happen and we treat each mark and stain individually. Over time your carpets can look dirty or start to look a little tired. Each job is different and we tailor our service entirely to the needs of our customers.

We have the expertise and knowledge to restore the natural beauty of your carpets, and to leave them hygienically clean with no nasty odours.


Why spend money on a new carpet, when we can help restore your old carpet, for a fraction of the cost.



All our team at VAXINOL are part of the NCCA, which is the only nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard floors and soft furnishings.

Our team have passed NCCA approved exams to ensure all our clients are in the safest hands, with highly trained technicians who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the following areas; 

-  How to identify carpets and upholstery including types and fibres

-  How to clean carpets and upholstery safely without causing shrinkage or stretching

-  How to remove stains effectively

-  How to select the correct, chemically safe cleaning products to ensure no damage is done

Put Your Trust In Us

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is Important

Did you know that even if your carpet looks clean, it still contains many germs and bacteria, as well as dust?

Dead skin particles and falling hair can be found in carpets too. 

Skin particles often come from our feet, which after being in shoes or socks all day, then transfer sweat and skin particles as we walk on our carpets.  This then causes the bacteria from the sweat to spread to the carpet.  Hair and dry skin particles can also fall from our bodies onto the carpets, causing the carpets to become dirty. And if you have pets, pet hair and fur can cause bacteria growth in carpets too.

Don't Worry! Help Is At Hand

We offer a range of service plans for your carpets and upholstery, to help ensure that your carpet lasts many years without having to replace it, as well as removing all the bacteria and germs, and helping keep your home hygienic and dirt-free.

We also offer a specialist stain removal service too - so if you accidentally spilled your wine or coffee, or the kids got a bit carried away with their colouring pens, we can help bring your carpet or furniture back to life

We use an intensive 8 step process to deep clean your carpets, furniture, and upholstery. You can see this process below as featured on our Instagram channel. Follow us here

Our 8-Step Cleaning Process

1. Inspection and Survey

Firstly, we assess any soiling, fixings, seams, and backings.  This influences how we will proceed with the cleaning process

2. Fibre Test

Fibre identification helps us to determine the correct cleaning solutions to use

3. Dye Test

All fabric colours must be chemically PH tested to ensure the correct cleaning solution is used

4. Comb Pile

Combing the pile helps to separate and release any matted pile, for a more effective clean. It also helps with dust extraction

5. Vacuum

We power vacuum the carpet to extract dust, grit and other dry soils to prevent turning dust into muddy residue

6. Treatment of Stains

Any stains are treated prior to the main cleaning, to ensure the full depth of the stain is removed

7.  Spray Pre-Treatment

We use a specially formulated cleaner in our pre-treatment, which helps dissolve any greasy soils

8.  Deep Cleaning

 We clean the carpet all over using the system and method decided at the inspection stage

9.  Hand Cleaning

We clean all carpet edges, stairs and other hard to reach areas by hand.  This ensures a full and thorough clean

10.  Re-Align Pile

Pile is re-aligned correctly whilst still damp, to ensure it sets correctly.  Furniture is only placed back onto the carpet when necessary

Our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

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